Sensually Sadistic

Sensually Sadistic


In my presence, you will experience The Dominant Woman Of Your Dreams:

Classy, Intelligent, Creative, Powerful, and Always In Control.

My style of play ranges from, compassionately instruction to mischievously playful...In my presence, you will experience... I'm the kind woman you thought only existed in your dreams, classy, intelligent, creative, powerful, and always in control... mesmerizing beauty, and a dominant demeanor. And artful skills will excite and intimidate you... My intuitive nature will make you feel safe ... Realizing your dark secret, forbidden fantasies controlling your soul in the deviant playground is what I crave most. As your trusted guide and devious? Mention... I will pry open and explore those deep hidden? Perverted parts of your psyche and imagination, I will use my Feminine powers against you and take absolute delight in forcing you to be my sub, and plaything, I will bring you to a place where you have secretly longed to be...




I look forward to testing your limits and discovering what undoes you. Will I humiliate you, maybe I will force a pretty dress and have you twirling in circles for my amusement...I look down at your face, you wonder am I disgusted, amused? Angry? Adoring? What can you do to please ME?


My style of play ranges from commpassionately, instructional to mischieveously playful. I'm strict and wickedly sadistic.




Sexy dominatrix woman in black latex corset with spikes, skirt and stockings




a woman relaxing in bed with her legs up.